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Redmi NOTE3 Teardown Reviews, Let's Look Internal

If you want to Redmi NOTE3 have a deeper understanding, you can refer to this Redmi NOTE3 teardown review. Let's see what update on the new Redmi Note 3. 

Redmi NOTE3 compared with Redmi NOTE2 no change in the number of hardware parameters,
Redmi NOTE3 mainly to upgraded the back cover of polycarbonate material to all-metal, with new fingerprint recognition function, and dual-LED (dual tone) flash, 3060 mAh battery replaceable chages to 4000 mAh large-capacity battery non-removable.

Redmi NOTE3 still support dual sim card dual standby, adopted dual Micro SIM card slot, and in the network, support 2G/3G/4G: 2G GSM: 900/1800/1900MHz; 3G WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100MHz; 4G FDD-LTE: 1800/2100/2600MHz, TDD-LTE (B38/B39/B40/B41: 2555-2655MHz). 

Nowadays the common metal body techniques can be divided into integrated CNC, stamping and die-casting type. Integrated CNC representative models is HTC ONE series of mobile phones, and the die-casting type is relatively low cost between the those 3 types, the representative model is Meizu Meilan metal; Redmi Note 3 adopt the stamping.

After a quick stamping metal plate becomes a metal sheet, and then anodized surface, sandblasting, CNC and other follow-up work, the advantages compared to the CNC that fewer working hours, relatively lower cost; The disadvantage is that the mobile phone is such a multi-axis 3D body, with metal body design that using stamping method is difficult to achieve the integration of all-metal body, and the back cover is secured by a snaps, and the middle frame.

In the rear fuselage details, red rice NOTE3 also done quite in place. In the battery compartment there are approximately 0.2mm of space, so that the battery compartment be increased, make the use of 5.5 inches screen, body thickness of only 8.65mm Redmi NOTE3 can hold 4000mAh large-capacity battery. By using cover internal injection molding, and a large area of graphite thermal stickers way, to avoid the embarrassment of a metal thermal conductivity, reduce hand's perceptiom of internal heat.

As Xiaomi phone first product with fingerprint recognition, The Redmi NOTE3 equipped FPC 1022 chip from Swedish company Fingerprint Cards, currently many mobile phone have chosen FPC fingerprint recognition module, such as Huawei MATE series. According to official data presented show Redmi NOTE3 able to achieve 0.3 seconds Quick Unlock, through future software will support fingerprint payment system.

In internal layout, Redmi NOTE3 still using the most common and relatively stable three-stage layout, and still with the look and feel neater black PCB board. In addition, we also found that in order to ensure that the battery compartment size, the upper end of the circuit board structure more closely, so Redmi NOTE3 the box part have also been adjusted.

Batteries also is Redmi NOTE 3 major upgrade, replaceable battery with hard shell upgrate to a non-replaceable soft shell battery, which is now a common practice to save the fuselage volume increased battery capacity. Redmi NOTE 3 uses the energy density exceeding 680 Wh / L of high quality lithium-ion polymer batteries, the current level in the industry generally 600Wh / L to 700Wh / L, while upgrading capacity to 4000mAh.

The camera same as Note 2, uses a 13 million pixel support phase focus main camera, And 5 million pixel front camera, sensor Samsung S5K3M2, the Oflim responsible for module assembly.

Bottom speaker Closeup

The main chips are concentrated in the top of the motherboard, although with the Redmi NOTE2 did not change on several key hardware parameters, but due to fingerprint recognition, dual color temperature and flash, for set aside sufficient battery compartment space, Redmi NOTE3 board layout is more closely. To ensure proper cooling, Xiaomi Redmi NOTE3 main chip position are covered graphite thermal stickers while in the processor of the metal shield is also thermally processed silicon pad.

Motherboard bottom of the fuselage, the main concentrated of the Micro USB / data interface, call MIC, virtual key, backlight etc components.
MTK MT6795 main chip, power management chip and RF chips.

MTK wireless connection chip And memory chips

Priced at $179.99 2+16 Version, $209.99 3+32 version on GeekBuying, if you are interesting in  this new flagship of Xiaomi, you can purchase on here: 2+16 Version; 3+32 Version


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